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I am new to these communites (well most of them anyway), and I work at a Retro Video Game/Martial Arts Supply Store. (We also carry a large supply of the air soft guns, plastic pellet only.) Since we've just opened and we hold several tournaments weekly I wanted let everyone here know about them. So instead of 'spamming' the board, just come visit my lj, (or the store) I've got tons of info at both those places.

Lj: freakinvidgames
Store: We've Got Freakin' Video Games
116 Flock road
Hamilton NJ, 08619

This weekend it's the 'new' Tetris and Mortal Combat Trilogy for the playstation up on the list! It's gonna be great, we hold different tournaments every week, on every type of system! Last week we had a Combat tournament for the Atari. So since we not only hold tournaments but STOCK all kinds of awesome inexpensive retro video gaming stuff (some new) stop on down soon!

Thanks for listen,
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