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Hi, I'm GS!!! I <3 the SNES...

Anyways, onto business...

I claim Megaman 7 and Cloudman... *prays that those aren't taken*

Ok, more onto the SNES.

I got one one and a half years ago, and fell in love with it! <3 But, my TV is really weird now, so I have NO clue what's going on, so I can't play the SNES anymore... :'( But I have a computer for SNES games!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! :-D

Ok, well... bye!

EDIT: Claim changed.
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You're quite the character!
Well, welcome, welomce! hope you enjoy this community!

I'm really sorry about this, but one of our other members has already
claimed Earthbound.
You can totally claim another game. :)

Well, dang! EB is my fav game for the SNES... ah well.

I'll just edit the post and claim somethin' else, then!
Ok, I changed it... is Megaman 7 taken?
Claim added!
Thank you, dear. <3
is harvest moon taken i love's me some harvest moon